26 July 2017 @ 09:35 am
I want to apologize for the lack of themes this past month. Real life was keeping me busy, and with the whole Photobucket issue I just was busy fixing up my own icons that I forgot to update.

All is back to normal.
Since there wasn't any themes, I'll be extending deadlines for one month. If you need more than that, let me know.
Hope that you guys continue participating in the comm :)

Hugs, Si
23 April 2017 @ 12:23 pm
Hi everybody!

I'm gonna try to implement another thing to the community. Don't worry the daily themes will continue.

* Weekly themes - Each Sunday (for now) a new category theme will be posted as a sticky entry, and using your claim you can submit a 5 icon set for it.
14 April 2017 @ 02:41 am
If you wish to affiliate please post here. All affiliates are welcome.

You may use this code for promos:

14 April 2017 @ 02:37 am
Hall of Fame!
Post a comment to this entry when you have completed your claim!
I'll then add your name to the "Hall of Fame" list and make you a banner!

Use this form please:

Username: Claim: Link LJ: Link DW: Banner:
babyara Supernatural LJ Link Banner
[personal profile] candream Band Of Brothers LJ Link Banner
[personal profile] candream Gotham LJ Link Banner
[personal profile] candream Band Of Brothers LJ Link Banner
[personal profile] candream Band Of Brothers LJ Link Banner
ciuciuvaraworld Marvel LJ Link Banner
debris4spike Blakes 7 LJ Link - x -
debris4spike Buffy The Vampire Slayer LJ Link - x -
icy_imaginary Forever LJ Link Banner
icy_imaginary Teen Wolf LJ Link Banner
icy_imaginary Ginger Snaps Trilogy LJ Link Banner
icy_imaginary Inception LJ Link Banner
icy_imaginary The Strain LJ Link Banner
larmay Agents Of SHIELD LJ Link Banner
larmay Aramis/Athos (The Musketeers/BBC) LJ Link Banner
larmay LotR / The Hobbit LJ Link Banner
larmay The Last Ship LJ Link Banner
littlemissnovel Pretty Little Liars LJ Link Banner
luminousdaze Absolutely Fabulous LJ Link Banner
nickygabriel The Chronicles of Narnia LJ Link Banner
nickygabriel The Bible LJ Link Banner
nickygabriel The Bible LJ Link Banner
nickygabriel The Bible LJ Link Banner
nickygabriel A.D. The Bible Continues LJ Link Banner
[personal profile] si_crazy The Walking Dead LJ Link Banner
[personal profile] si_crazy The Walking Dead LJ Link Banner
sweet_lyri Supernatural LJ Link Banner
sweet_lyri Teen Wolf LJ Link Banner
tinnny The Librarians LJ Link - x -
14 April 2017 @ 02:34 am
You are free to make/use your own, but here's one anyways. . .

Copy and paste the code above into a post in your journal.
Replace HEADERIMAGE with the link to your header image.
Replace CUT TEXT HERE with the text you want to appear in your lj-cut.
Replace ICONGOESHERE with the link to your icon.
Replace THEMEGOESHERE with the theme you used in your icon. (Ex. "Theme 1492 - Starstruck")
Feel free to modify this however you wish.

To insert place holder icons copy and paste the coding into a word editing program (such as Notepad) and use the find and replace feature (CTRL + H). In the 'Find What' blank, type ICONGOESHERE, and in the 'Replace What' put the URL of the image you wish to use (http://imagehere.png) and hit 'Replace All.'
14 April 2017 @ 02:32 am
Comment here if you'd like a theme... or if you have any suggestions for the community ;)
14 April 2017 @ 02:18 am
Here you will post a comment to this entry with your claim(s). You can have more then 1 if you wish :)
Sometimes I may be late to add you and your claim to the list, so just go ahead and start making icons once you've submitted a claim!

You can claim anything as long as it's considered drama, historical, and/or comedy: film/movies, tv shows/mini series, games...
I'm kinda cool with you having whatever you want, though! Your claim can be as detailed as you like. . . A character, season, episode, or just simply general. You choose!

Just have fun!

The second table is for claims that were dropped or weren't finished on time, if for whatever reason you need an extension just ask for it here and that can be arranged. Also, if you dropped/quit a claim and sometime in the future want to finish it, I'll bring back an old claim if requested.

Current claims and rules )
13 April 2017 @ 11:44 pm
Are animated icons allowed?

Is there a limit to how many users can share the same claim?
No. Anyone can share the same claim. No limits!

A claims limit than?
No, you can sign up as many times as you want. You can have 2 or more claims at the same time if you want, or you can finish a claim and claim again. . . It's up to you!

If I choose 1 character claim, can other characters be with them?
Yes! Just make sure your claim character or whatever is in the icon! That's the first priority, anything else can be added.

Can I make my own table for my icons?
Yes! There is one provided for you, but you don't have to use it.

How do I submit my icon?
First you need to upload it and use the HTML code:
(<img src="URL"/>) -take out parenthases
Go to the "Theme Post" and post a reply to the entry, with the image Code.

Why don't I have posting access?
Posting access is for Mod's only! You only need to submit your icon as a comment to a "Theme Post"

Can we do quotes our characters said?
Yes, you can.

Can I have an extension or change the amount of icons I've claimed?
Knowing that real life can get in the way, if you need an extension just let me know and we'll work it out.
If you finish your 50 icons ahead of time you can change your claim to 100 and we'll adjust your deadline.
In both cases, just let me know in the Claim List post and I'll make the changes.

I finished my icons, what now?
Congratulations on finishing your claim. I hope you've had fun and decide to make another claim and stick around our comm.
Please post in the Hall Of Fame, and I'll add your name/icons in the list and make you a banner.

If you have any other questions, leave a comment to this post and they will be answered as soon as possible!
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